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About Us

Launched in 2018, Pleasant Peasant Media is a media company making quality content for grown-ups. Check out our productions.

Momma Cusses

Pleasant Peasant Studios

Bowl of Petunias

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Gwenna Laithland

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Creative Officer

Gwenna has nearly two decades of experience in content marketing. She's worked with museums, professional sports teams, universities, and small businesses to take their message and create impactful content. When her ovaries decided to be overachievers and she stepped away from the traditional workforce to take care of her twins, she opted to turn all that experience on herself, growing her own social media presence and starting Pleasant Peasant Media. If a chubby gal pushing 40 can fashion herself into a social media powerhouse with nothing but wit and a willingness to dance like an idiot on the internet, your brand can do the same. 

Jackson Laithland​

Co-Founder by Proxy

Chief Operations Officer

Jackson just does what Gwenna tells him to. Except write this bio. He hasn't done that yet. So Gwenna is writing it for him and if he doesn't like it, he can get around to fixing it. Jackson spent the better part of a decade as a diesel mechanic. At least that's what he was pretending to be. Really he was on a super-secret mission to collect every version of impact tool Snap-On could come up with. Seriously though, he did tour the world as a member of a heavy metal band in his twenties and is no stranger to the business side of entertainment, self-marketing, and promotion. He is also way better at remembering to write stuff down than Gwenna, so it's a good partnership. 

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